html and css are two coding languages that make up most of what you see on the web! when you make a neocities account, you can make html and css pages to build your website! building will take time, and it may be hard to do! google is your friend, and there are many tutorials out there (my favorite site for this is w3schools). also, going to a website and right-clicking to "view page source" can show you the code of that page! coding (in my experience) has been all about observing and playing around to see what works for you. the following tutorials are for blank pages, so start a html document from scratch to learn!

html documents:

a html document will have a few key elements. at the top of every html document, have these tags. these will just set up your page:

under the head tag, include these! inbetween the title tags, replace the "..." with whatever you want your page title to be! for the "shortcut icon", paste the url of an image into the "imagehere" portion (this will appear up next to your page title on the tabs of your browser):

so, now that those are out of the way, let's move on to external css! under the "head" tag that you have, paste this code. the "/style.css" will be elaborated on later, but just know you can change that later on:

alright! so, under that stuff, we're going to start our main page. paste this code:

alright, so we're going to the bottom of the document now!! at the end of your document, always make sure you have these tags:

ok, now your page is ready to be crafted! click on "the basics" on the sidebar to go to the next step!

this page is a work in progress, excuse the mess!