a page for him

this page is in memory of my dad joseph freeman

⚠️‼️trigger warning for abuse, alcoholism, and (father) death‼️⚠️

i honestly can't remember too much about my childhood, and i hope this page isn't too personal! i just want to share my experiences with abuse and alcoholism :)

my dad grew up in south charleston wv, and married my mom when he was in his very early 20s. and then they had.. me! my parents were pretty happy, but my mom dropped out of college and my dad eventually got a bad back injury. he couldn't work, so he watched me at home! during this time, life was awesome! my family was the best :) eventually, in 2009 my brother was born! around this time though, my dad started to drink pretty heavily. it started out on weekends, but leaked into the weekdays.

this is where my dad started to chase my mom and i around the house with knives, throw things at us (chairs, pots/pans, bricks), terrorize us, trap us outside, etc. this endured for years, and i can 't really describe my trauma in a way that people undertsand. after years of this, he ended up going to the hospital like 5 times and died like twice (came back obv), crazy stuff!

eventually on july 19, 2017, i was woken up by my mom at 2pm (i was depressed and slept all day often). i went to go check on my dad and he had died of cirrhosis and probably a bunch of other things. so yeah, i was the one who found him. i had to tell his mom and everything. ten days after, my grandma (moms side, but thats a whole other story) died too. his death was a bless and a curse, but all of it has made me who i am.

the moral of the story here is to GET HELP when you have an addiction. dont make people suffer! if you're the victim of abuse like this, im begging you to reach out. i hope this story helped or at east was interesting!

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