i consider my site to be a safe place, so please don't follow if these apply to you!

you’re racist or sexist or generally discriminatory (this includes homo/transphobes, u r not allowed anywhere near me)

you like or make "triggered" jokes or edgy dumb stupid jokes like 9/11 ones

you are / support: maps + ddlg + loli or shota + "pro shipper" (aka you ship inc3st and gross stuff) + shadbase + anti-acab + anti-blm + maga + incels + radfem + anti-xenogender + anti-neopronoun + terfs + generally anything horrible

you are friends with @neko.mancer (instagram) and genuinely like him (he is abusive lol)

notes and tags

 things i need tagged:

gore or nsfw

tell me if you need me to tag anything!!

im very selective with who i let into my instagram! if i see youre a good person ill accept you so dw :) please let me know before you unfollow or softblock!