i hate to be "that" person, but i would rather keep myself comfy and my site/page a safe place! please dont follow if these apply to you (sorry theres a lot!!)

you’re racist or sexist or generally discriminatory (this includes homo/transphobes, u r not allowed anywhere near me)

you like or make "triggered" jokes or edgy dumb stupid jokes like 9/11 ones

you are / support: maps + ddlg + loli or shota + shadbase + maga + incels + radfem + terfs + generally anything horrible

you are friends with @neko.mancer and genuinely like him (he is abusive lol)

i dont really care about discourse. if you do, feel free to look at my opinions.

notes and tags

 i dont like these things (dey trigger me?) :

f33t 🤮 + bowsette

ask me to tag stuff lol..

by the way, if you make me uncomfy, or didnt listen to my criteria, ill probably softblock you! sorry..