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jan 4 21

im alive :) happy 2021!

aug 29 20

wow! 17 years old today! time flies!!

jul 27 20

hi everyone! recently you might've noticed my site is switching over from the vocaloid theme, and now my site will have mostly pokemon graphics! i feel this reflects me better, and i hope you all like the change! feel free to give feedback on my profile or the guestbook :)

apr 8 20

hm, a lot has happened since my last update huh? just like everyone else i have been stuck at home due to the virus. no work for me! this has left me a lot of time to do stuff like play animal crossing (amazing game in case you didnt know)! also, i kinda totally broke up with my bf that i got not even a month ago. but its fine because i realized i love someone else way more! hes been my friend for so long and we really feel perfect together :) hope you're all doing well!

mar 3 20

i have my first school dance coming up soon and my mom got me a $100 dress so now i feel guilty and nervous at the same time!!! i have never danced (aside from the floss which im also not good at) in my whole life!!!!! but its with my bf so itll be fine i think :) plus we go roller skating on sunday!! life is good for me i think?

feb 18 20

soo i asked my crush out (very bold of me but my anxiety was unbearable lol) and he said yes! im very happy :) yay for bravery!!

jan 15 20

i dont really know where else to put this i guess, but im kinda hitting my low point again. hopefully life becomes easier in the near future. also i love all of you < 3 :)

jan 1 20

happy new year! can you believe its already 2020? rly makes you have a midlife crisis

old entries

nov 28 19

gonna be SO honest rn pokemon swsh is awesome asf

nov 1 19

site updates!! yay! added (temporary) #teamtrees section bcuz i donated! also listen to "the scary jokes" rite now i am obsessed.. also, i honestly dont listen to vocaloid anymore :P its more of an aesthetic... :)

oct 22 19

finding out who you are and getting past trauma are the hardest things to do. and im constantly going through both :( especially rn, idk what i am or who i like and i cant forget about bad ppl :( thingz wil get better...

sep 30 19

school is KICKING MY BUTT!! for the first time since 5th grade, im getting high b's and a's, so i'm not really online much! however, i have started editing again and i'm back into fnaf (rebornica's au)! so yah just a lil update

aug 30 19

well, as of now i'm in the dead center of hurricane Dorian's trajectory. i'm 50% i'll be ok, but if i don't ever come back you know why lol (i'll be fine)

aug 27 19

MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 29TH! 16! very exciting??!? also, if you wanna learn about japan, check out this cool page i made!

aug 13 19

school is back in session and i genuinely am gonna try this year lol. for my future and all...

jul 4 19

added new cooking section under "interesting stuff" becuz i know im gonna need it one day

jul 1 19

i am now obsessed with the office and would die for jim halpert

apr 30 19

so lately ive been feeling extremely discouraged with my art. school is coming to a close so i might end up opening commissions this summer. i've also been listening to tyler the creator, and generally i love him a lot. not much has been happening, i've just been getting used to florida and stuff. i updated the site with a fortnite page!

apr 13 19

so im finally moved into my new house! my computer is hooked up and site updates will now be regular! florida is a big change but i guess its chill. let me know if any of you are from florida!

mar 7 19

sorry for the late monthly art update! ive been very busy because im moving to florida yaaaay .w. im actually excited but its stressful to move so there will probably continue to be seldom site updates! sorry! ill be sure to update when everything settles down

feb 15 19

today im feeling very nostalgic for the old chuck e cheese, i‘m sad despite the fact that place was always dirty anyways. today feels like a monday but its a friday so in general this week has been slow and bleh. but idk i just wanted to update here to let you all know im not dead nwn also check out my art under the “learn about me” section bc ive been making.. stuff

dec 31 18

long time no see on the blogz! welcome to sandyplanetz 2 point 1, now with monthly art and an improved blog! i hope everyone has had a great year, and has goals for 2019! i have 4 goals: fill up my rings on my apple watch every day (basically working out), draw at least once a week, update here at least monthly, and attempt to learn japanese again! *white girl voice* i really feel like this is my year~

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