this nendo was very cheap, she comes with a charm too!! super cute! she cant pose but shes a co-de so thts obvious.. ive had no issues wth her whatsoever!

mirai miku is cute!!!!!! i love this design to death and shes a little pricy, but not terrible! her cube thingy broke off because i was too rough, and i lost her stand.. but she (like hmo miku) can stand herself up with her hair!

familen cost only 20 bucks, he doesnt come with much but hes still really good and cute for the price! hes not as poseable as some other nendos but hes still really really nice imo! this nendo was my very first!! fami fami fami fami fami fami~

hmo miku looks really really cute and i love her video and junk.. id definetly reccomend getting her if you have the money!! i cant remember how much she cost but i think she was worth it! her stand doesnt fit in her back but she can stand herself up with her hair! i also broke one of her keyboards so.. oops X_X