art by sima3659

hey!! im ian he / him + more

n-b trans guy + gay + taken ⚣

white + nd + + 18 y/o


i'm a freshman in college!

i identify with a few xenogenders! click here to see them!

here are my hyperfixations (italic) and interests: hollow knight!!!!, mario!!!, animal crossing, lemon demon, scott the woz, nintendo, among us, undertale, jack stauber, sonic, arlo, minecraft, splatoon, pokemon, japan, fnaf, criminal psychology

i have c-ptsd, autism, adhd-i, and depression!! i reclaim the r slur for myself in private situations only

please be patient if i dont respond quickly or if i dont update this site often. and please dont send messages constantly. if i didnt respond the first few times i probably wont ever!! sorry its just :( how i am

you dont need to
read this:

to get more recent and up to date info on me you can just use my carrd lol