hey!! im tav she or him pls :)

bigender + pansexual + taken

nonbinary + furry + + minor


im a junior in highschool

here are some things i love: japan, jack stauber, tyler the creator, vocaloid, nintendo, fortnite, minecraft, furries, and steven universe!

i have a lot of mental issues lol.. dont rly wanna list them but i can act a lil coocoo

please be patient with me, i dont respond very quickly sumtimez i promise i'm nice, you just should randomly send me funny memes and ill talk :)

you dont need to
read this:

hi im tav and theres nothing really interesting about me tbh.. here is a picrew i made if u wanna know kinda what i look like! im just kinda living life day to day!! i live in florida but i was raised in west virginia B) what will i do w my future??? who knows?? not me!!! i honestly just want friends, i rly do be lonely out here :( thanks for reading this if you did