art by sima3659

hey!! im tav they / them :)

nonbinary + pansexual + taken

white + nd + + 17 y/o


i'm a senior in highschool!

i identify with a few xenogenders! click here to see them!

here are my current biggest interests: mario, among us,lemon demon, smash bros, the scary jokes, jack stauber, undertale, scott the woz, arlo, nintendo

i have a lot of mental issues lol.. ive been diagnosed with social anxiety and depression and i know 100% i have PTSD. i think social anxiety was a misdiagnosis and after tons of research i highly highly suspect i have adhd and autism but im not a professional! (that being said, sometimes i reclaim the r slur for myself)

please be patient if i dont respond quickly or if i dont update this site often. and please dont send messages constantly. if i didnt respond the first few times i probably wont ever!! sorry its just :( how i am

you dont need to
read this:

i had a longer about here but every time i put something here it becomes irrelevant in the span of a week so um! thank you for reading to here anyways!!