hey!! im tav she or him pls :)

bigender cis ♀ + pansexual + single

(zodiac) sheep + furry + + minor


im a junior in highschool

i love japan, jack stauber, tyler the creator, vocaloid, mario, minecraft, fortnite, pokemon, and art!

i have prof diagnosed social anxiety, PTSD, and depression (really strong sense that i have bpd but not diagnosed)! i have problems communicating!!! my mood shifts a lot and i can go from being approachable to not in about 4 seconds

please be patient with me, i dont respond very quickly or comment much at all... i promise i'm nice, you just should randomly send me funny memes and ill talk :)

you dont need to
read this:

hi im tav and theres nothing really interesting about me tbh.. i just draw on occasion and i play fortnite lol.... idrk where im going in life but im just kinda here lol, i used to have a lot more info written down here but now im just kinda boring lolzor