now that we have our outline, let's see how to do the basics! also just a heads up! all of this goes under your body tag.

the basic stuff:

first, let's insert text. to make any text, you can use these tags and put the text where the "..." is. h1 is "header" text and will be big by default. h2 is slightly smaller, and so on, but i personally only use h1. p is "paragraph" text and is basically what you use for everything that isn't a header.

inside of those text tags, you can insert links! replace the "link" with whatever you want the link to be, and replace the "..." with what you want the link text to be. play around with this a little bit!

images! replace the "link" with the image url. change the "..." to however tall you want your image to be! play around with this a lot as well:

images can also become links!! like this:

in your normal text, you can start text on a new line with this simple tag:

this tag will make a divider (a line). i don't use this at all personally, but it's useful to know! usually i just use gifs to divide my text instead. anyways, here it is:

the last basic thing i'll be showing you is how to make a list. i also never use this one, since you can just make a list with normal text. you can copy and paste as many li tags as you want! oh and also, if you change "ul" and "/ul" to "ol" and "/ol", your list will have numbers instead of dots!

you now know the basics! yay! to customize your page, go to "stylesheets" on the sidebar!

this page is a work in progress, excuse the mess!