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9 / 11 / 18

for the past 3 or so years ive seriously considered the fact that i could on top of my depression have some sort of bpd or autism and ive been leaning more to bpd. i really think i have it and it lines up perfectly for me, more than autism would have, but i know that getting a diagnosis at 15 would be really hard. i know that if i said i have bpd to people they would probably be scared or laugh at me. im kinda lost but thats just the tea sis

9 / 9 / 18

going down endless white halls thinking about you and life and maybe some food

9 / 3 / 18

yo ya boy is back uh school is stressin me out but i migt b onto somethin gere.. iv been drawin an shit and keepin my grades all funky and cool, . .. wonder how the site has been

8 / 6 / 18

its been a while since ive updated. i went on vacation and a lot of stuff happened to break my trust and break me. i wanna keep trying to get better but school is a thing that will start on the 20th and i feel like thats gonna make it or break it for me. idk. ill try to (haha lol) update when i can but we know how i am.

6 / 3 / 18

its all fine i guess. really everything was ok since last time i wrote here but at the moment i feel so bad and hopeless. i dont know wha t else to say but i just wanted to say that i felt horrible

5 / 20 / 18

hii! this week is my last week of school and my grades are up, i won splatfest x 3 and in general my life is getting better the most important thing of all is my japanese studies!! for four or so days (ive already lost count lol) ive been studying 20 kanji a day!! im so happy to be able to learn japanese finally and im so excited! maybe mroe is coming soon because of summer, idk.. matane!

5 / 10 / 18

im currently in my 1st period art class and im so bored because we had to do a drawing from life (i chose a fish sculpture) and got finished quickz ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ the teacher is being a little grouchy and tooday (hopefully) is ok... at home the wait for my baby sister continues ੧(❛□❛✿) and my stepdad is still building a new room extension thungs for our house (the walls are already up) and in general life is pretty slow but there are things to come ∩^ω^∩

5 / 1 / 18

so i kinda totally havent been keeping my promise of being alive and got sick last sunday, but for now ive been pretty not sick. nothings really happened and im mainly excited and waiting for my baby sister to come into the world this month, and for school to end on the 31st or whatever the last day of may is... (qvq) uh i will be here and i will probably write when school ends so hasta la poo

4 / 19 / 18

soooOOOoo god has cursed me and i havent written here for a month and my depression has been godmode..... and ive been on tumblr so much but i cam e here to update my pets page and thought i would write a little update too (^^#) my mom got rid of my dogs and idk if im getting cisco back, at least i still have my fish but i wanna die pleae help me

3 / 20 / 18

so ive actually been pretty happy! ( ´ ▽ ` )b (thanks to gage ofc) and ive still been playing splatoon a lot and have been getting used to being actually hygenic and responsible in school and at home! also my pc has kinda died for the 16th time (probably because i download everything that i see) but ill try to fix that soon! i promise!! also thank you all for being so nice and still checking up on this site, maybe during spring break i can update some new pagesss

3 / 13 / 18

so yesterday i had a snow day so that was pretty cool,i had a headache and i just needed some rest.. ^^; team chicken didnt deserve to win the splatfest by the way, the EGG CAME FIRST you ding dongs >:( i got 22 sea snails anyways though, and im very excited about octo expansion and 3.0....aaaaaaa

3 / 8 / 18

i havent kept my promise of updating, im super sorry;; the past few days have been very very stressful because on top of my depression coming back worse than ever, school started up again.. i have been running on little sleep and i have mainly been crying and playing splatoon (add me).... thats about it, ill come back soon!...

3 / 3 / 18

uh HEYYY...! its been a while hasnt it sorry Qwq.. anyways i havent been active anywhere except for tumblr, a very cursed site that i promised to never go back to but now i have also dragged my boyfriend into it too i promise ill try to keep updating my instagram and this site despite my lowered mental state and the lack of school.. talking about that, i live in west virginia, which is currently going under a teacher strike, school has been out since last thursday and i just want to go back to raise my grades already TwT i guess thats all, check back to see what ive been up to soon! (i love gage btw! muah)

2 / 23 / 18

there is barely any food in the kitchen, ivelost 10 pounds and im so self concious about my weighthaha my mom wont get me anything and the only stuffi can eat is chicken and i c ant... anyways theres no school monday a nd i wanna die

2 / 20 / 18

the past few days hav sucked so so so much haha sorry for the lack of updates..... i found my pen for digital art so look for somethingg

2 / 13 / 18

i wasnt planning on updating today but i found something that i wanna share (*´∀`*)えへへ soo i was bored in computers class, i finishd my assignmetns and i clicked on the google doodle of the olympics! below it was a menu of different countries’ google doodles so i clicked on japan (like a weeb Σd=(・ω-`○)グ) and i found one of a cat named tama, a station master cat! i read up on her and she was the stationmaster of Tama Station, and she died in 2015 (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू) i actually wantsd to cry and still do, i have no idea who thisncat was but she still means the workd tk me.. i was gonna work on being sensitive today but i mightve already failed

2 / 12 / 18

i feel so bad for not updating much or at all, i have been working on a new page somewhat but grades are a huge focus for me now and plus the whole getting my stuff taken away thinggg ^^; ill be fine and the site will not die trust me >:3 just be patient and ill get back to the regular sched!

2 / 9 / 18

so everything was decent until yesterday, when i decided to be very stupid and slap my brother (i always do this when im messing with him) lightly with my jacket sleeve to try to be funny. that was stupif enough, but when my stepdad (who i didnt like to begin with) told me to go to my room i decided to go there and shut my door, which apparently he didnt like too much. he took my door off of the hinges and by this point i was getting memories of my dad, so i cussed him and my mom out. so im gonna cut it off there to avoid abuse-y stuff he did, but tldr my data for my phone is gone and so is my door because im an idiot.

2 / 4 / 18

hshfgsjfhsj sorry ive been on tumblr and ive been very sad and haha uh yes! (←_←) @nyways um i stayed home from school on friday and i was very sad and i am still kind of sad but i will be ok i think, im startinf therapy on v day and i might be getting a special diagnosis for something...... we dont knooo...

jan blogs

1 / 30 / 18

hi hi ( ´ ▽ ` )b in case you havent noticed ive been editing or planning to, i added a link to it under 'more stuff' i think!! i plan to make more pages (in particular, about a certian animal that is kinda like a lobster but im not giving it out) and i also conpletely redid my instagram since gage wouldnt let me move accounts ; regardless its jsut kinda normal and stuff, hope everything is going ok for everyone! chao

1 / 25 / 18

i added another page here! ive been meaning to add this one for a while!! i hope you like it >w0 in life news i havent been doing too hot lol.. again i hope to improve like i do every time but i slowly get more and more demotivated evrry round.. ill be cool though ε-(´∀`; ) hopefully itll blow over..

1 / 22 / 18

ive been meaning to update a lot recently but its been very chaotic the past few days (Qwq) i moved back to my old house and my parents are taking down the entirety of my bathroom and remodling it, and dust is flying everywhere.. im updating from school rn bc my pc still isnt hooked up at home.. ill try to update more, so sorry ^^;

1 / 16 / 18


1 / 11 / 18

im so sorry for not updatinh enough, i find my life not interesting wnough to write posts about QwQ i have a couple things to talk about.. FIRST: site updates! a read more button for the blogs, smooth scrolling, a new dfi page, and a lot of minor improvements! SECOND: drama¡ shane dawson (one of my favorite youtubers) was accused of being a p*dophile.. at first i believed it but it turns out a) this stemmed from shitty jokes from 6 yeara ago and b) someone is trying to ruin his channel.? so overall yrah thats it bye!

1 / 7 / 18

__φ(..) log date... 1月7日.. いいね!夢(nice dream).. ( ̄ρ ̄)..zzZZ much of the day i can't remember! no school tomorrow thou, thats really nice a nd neat and stuff along those lines.! i realized that im a very boring person, very mad when she doesnt get her way (speaking of that, my self confidence is at a new low!) i desperately hope.. tomorrow is better

1 / 5 / 18

i havent felt like myself much today.. i really wish i wasnt so tired.. u-u at least school was 2 hours late.. i did almost freeze to death, tryinh to get a slushie in 10° weather •w•;

1 / 4 / 18

breakdowns breakdowns breakdowns!! so tired!!

1 / 3 / 18

hi (@///<) today my heart rate has been through the roof, i had to present in front of the class and its very hard to keep grades anywhere above a c.. how am i gonna make this semester haha Q^(\ Overall im very very anxious, people are annoyin me quite a lot, the ignorance on veganism n stuff. i ynderstand its hard to give up things you love like meat but it just hurts to be seen as the extremist (´ཀ`」 ∠) i just dont want any more sufferinh, we have a long way to go as people and a species..

1 / 1 / 18

happy new year's everyone -w- i raided a base in minecraft and got some pretty goood stuff in the haul, but on another note i had 2 breakdowns (maybe 3?) ^_^; oh well, this year is gonna be for improving :3 hope its the same for all of you

2017 blogs

12 / 30 / 17

it snowed today!! ⤴︎ ε=ε=(ง ˃̶͈̀ᗨ˂̶ ͈́)۶ ⤴︎ sadly my sisters and their cousin came over to sleep right in the room next to me but it's w/e yknow \(;´□`)/ anyways i drew some today so maybe check it out!! by by

12 / 29 / 17

sorry for not updatinh yesterday, life has been kinda droning on and not interestinh but i guess ill keep updating regardless (Qwq) splatoon has been a thing also so thats fun

12 / 27 / 17


12 / 26 / 17

its a half a year with my boyfriend today. it starteed out fine but today just. is the worst day ive had in a while. i dont have the energy to write.

12 / 25 / 17

aaaaaa merry chrstmas!!!! i got cool azz beats and food and 100 bucks and anime stuff and nice things!! i hope your christmas is good too !!

12 / 24 / 17

today i opened up most of my presents, i got a vacuum (not a roomba) and some beats headphones (my boyfriend hates beats D:). he also comes home tomorrow so im excited, doesnt even really feel like christmas eve.. happy early santa day yalls

12 / 23 / 17

a little positive today c: had my last veggie burger, my headphones broke, and i had so many hot cheetos i cried, though.. splatoon is fun so i might make a page on it :3 i also woke up even later today, this time at 2:40 (14:40). oops >~<

12 / 22 / 17

i woke up kind of late today.. im very nervous because i got two new followers but at the same time im very thankful.. @-@ im kinda wonderinh if maybe my kins page is too confusing, and if i should edit today.. anyways i dont have anythinh else on my mind, so bye bye

12 / 21 / 17

holy carp!! this works..? woa :0 i managed to get a blog which ive been meaninh to do for a lonnmgg time but i have one now so como estas!!!!! today is boring but its the last day of school till winter break so yay :3 UPDATe: my bro got back from surgery safe and sound and i added new music!! happy sh1t~

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